bolgheri wine solosole

Poggio al tesoro SOLOSOLE

The great virtue of this Vermentino is that it enhances the aromas and flavours peculiar to Bolgheri. Its clean, crisp flavour and purity are its distinguishing features. The grapes are harvested when their colour changes to an intense yellow. The name Solosole, meaning 'just sunshine', derives from the fact that the wine is essentialy a direct result of the work undertaken in the vineyards and the ripening sun.
Tasting notes Bright straw yellow in colour, with a substantial consistency. Solosole is characterised by a vibrant freshness, which is delicate and balanced. The palate is intense, persistent and refined. The aromas are both floral (white flowers and acacia) and fruity (yellow and tropical, including apricot and banana), typical of this variety.
Food pairings An ideal wine to accompany all aperitifs, raw fish, and - due to its tanginess and fragrance - fried and poached fish. Its crispness also makes it suitable with vegetarian cuisine.

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bolgheri wine cassiopea

Poggio al tesoro CASSIOPEA

Cassiopea is a rosè with character, expressing both complexity and simple enjoyment. Its distinctive aroma blends well with its crisp flavour and easy-drinking style.
Tasting notes A bright geranium pink wine with raspberry highlights, it is noted for its elegant bouquet of fresh fruit. Its acidity blends wonderfully with its tanginess and rich fruity flavour.
Food pairings This rosè makes a perfect aperitif wine and also pairs with various appetizers, such as 'bruschetta', lean cold cuts, mixed fried fish, tempura vegetables, and even pizza. Perfect with savoury soups, it enhances grilled white meat and coastal Mediterranean cuisine. Also recommended with premium creamy cheeses, such as Italian 'robiola', ricotta and mozzarella.

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bolgheri wine mediterra

Poggio al tesoro MEDITERRA

The flavour of Mediterra fully reflects the characteristics of Bolgheri, displaying an extraordinary harmony between the freshness of its aromas and its warm, powerful flavours. The spicy note lent by the Syrah varietal makes the wine intensely enjoyable as well as easy to drink.
Tasting notes Intense ruby red in colour with purplish highlights, its aroma is warm and fruity, with a hint of red-fleshed fruit. It has a well-crafted structure with satisfying acidity and a long, sweet finish.
Food pairings An ideal pairing with various meat dishes, cold cuts and medium-matured cheeses, including Italian pecorino. It should be enjoyed slightly chilled, with seafood dishes such as mullet in tomato sauce, poached fish and Livorno-style salt cod.

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bolgheri wine sondraia

Poggio al tesoro SONDRAIA

Sondraia serves as concrete example of how a textbook Bordeaux blend can be expertly crafted from Bolgheri's terroir, creating an original and easily recognizable masterpiece.
Tasting notes Intense ruby red, this wine has subtle hints of exotic spices and ripe red fruit on the nose. On the palate it is plush, warm and full, with persistent silky and ripe tannins in the finish.
Food pairings Naturally suited to accompany chargrilled meats, particularly T-bone and fillet steak, it also goes well with kebabs, roasted veal, ribs, 'ossobuco', lamb shanks and pork. It is further enhanced when paired with smoked ricotta cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano and medium-matured goat's milk cheeses.

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bolgheri wine dedicato a walter: super tuscan

Poggio al tesoro DEDICATO A WALTER

Bolgheri's terroir, with its proximity to the sea and the particularly favourable exposure to the sun, allows Cabernet Franc to thrive. In this microclimate, Cabernet Franc vinified as a single varietal enhances its spicy nuances and gains elegance and depth. The wine is named after Walter Allegrini and symbolizes the love he felt for this land.
Tasting notes Intense ruby red in colour, with complex aromas of ripe red fruit, balsamic spices and an elegant toasted note. On the palate, it is exotic, spicy, full-bodied and harmonious, with ripe and well-developed tannins and a long, persistent finish.
Food pairings Particularly suited for juicy, well-seasoned meat, either casseroled or braised, such as lamb, pigeon, duck, hare with red wine sauces. Perfect accompaniment to high quality, full-flavoured cheeses.

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Tasting notes Intense green colour, with golden highlights. It has a fruity aroma, with distinct hints of artichoke and almond and a slight herbaceous scent. It has a decisive but balanced profile and is ideal for everyday use in the kitchen. Its unique personality is apparent even when drizzled on simple 'bruschetta' made with Tuscan bread, or what is referred to in local dialect as 'crogiantina'.
Production method The olives are harvested exclusively by hand starting at the end of October. They then undergo a cold pressing within 24 hours to ensure that the fragrance and authenticity of the olives remains intact, whilst maintaining the nutritional properties.


Poggio al tesoro AGRO DI MOSTO

Tasting notes A condiment with a pleasant sweet and sour flavour, ideal in salad dressings, vinaigrettes and marinades for fish and drizzled on top of fried foods and meat.
Food pairings Agro di mosto is produced via the slow fermentation and successive acetification of the cooked grape must in oak casks. It is bottled very young in order to preserve its fruity flavours and fresh acidity.

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